Creative brief
Bike Rental Central Park is an NYC bike rental business near Central Park. They are part of a family of sightseeing brands in New York City, and offer a range of traditional and electric rentals, as well as guided bike tours. Their website was long overdue for an updated design. The goal was to have a more straightforward user checkout flow, and to update and modernize the existing pages and content, with the addition of electric bikes and scooters to their product offering.
Before diving into the design, I spent some time on Google Analytics and Lucky Orange to understand current user behavior. Although customers had an easy way to get into the purchase flow, it seemed that there were missed opportunities to showcase the quality of products and upsell the add-ons, accessories and rental insurance.
User Flows
I began with the mobile design of the site, focusing initially on the product cards and checkout flow. With the addition of electric rentals, which had different hours and accessories, the new checkout flow required a few more steps and possibilities. I also identified new areas of opportunity to help guide customers to selecting the best rental option based on their sightseeing goals and schedule.
UI Design
Borrowing a few conventions from the parent company’s other sightseeing entities, as well as observing trends and flows from sites that would be used by tourists, such as AirBnB and Google’s travel pages, I overhauled the existing design and created new conventions for sliders and a range of UI components.
A Unique Experience
I was impressed with the original site’s extensive catalog of Central Park’s attractions, and I wanted to make better use of those resources to enhance the user experience and inspire customers to discover the park throughout the year. The original site featured primarily warm weather imagery, but I decided to implement seasonal graphics and imagery to showcase the unique experiences that each season has to offer.
Steps of Service
I created a storyboard with the revised steps of service based on the updated website checkout flow and future technological integrations to the in-person rental experience, including a QR code bike maintenance system.
Environmental Signage
I designed a series of signage examples to connect the new digital experience and branding to the in-person experience. Drawing on the illustration style, the signage is meant to be friendly and informative.

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