Creative brief
Liberty Cruise offers sightseeing cruises to the Statue of Liberty. One of their challenges is the departure point of their boats, which leave from Pier 36, far away from the main tourist attractions. The company initiated a new marketing effort to promote their cruises at Battery Park through sales reps. To support this effort, I was tasked to create a microsite with a streamlined purchase flow to allow users (tourists) to book a cruise for the same day or near future.
User flow
The goal of the user flow was to streamline the product selection flow and incorporate dynamic pricing into the date and time selection, to accommodate for variations in pricing. 
Landing page Design explorations
I explored several options for the landing page, drawing from existing UI components from the main website and exploring new options that could better accommodate for dynamic pricing.
User flows
Ultimately we decided to separate different phases of the purchase flow into different screens to make the product selection process easier to digest. 
promotional card
The promotional card contains a QR code to take users directly to the purchase flow designed for this marketing initiative. The card is meant to be distributed at Battery Park, providing instructions for the customer to reach the pier with a complimentary ride on the company's double decker tour bus, and highlights major attractions seen along the way.

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