Creative brief
The Radeberger Group’s strategic goal was to introduce a premium low carb beer brand brewed in Germany, in accordance to German purity law and make it a success with US beer-drinking consumers. The brief was to create a premium brand (name and label design) in a new range of light, i.e. low calorie/low carb, German beer for the US market.
solution 1: svelte
The name "Svelte" signifies that the beer can be a good way to stay fit or maintain one's figure while still enjoying a beer. The design includes the motifs of barley and hops to signify the traditional German beer making tradition, and a German style font shows off the German quality while still being a modern concept overall.
solution 2: luft
Using the German word "Luft," meaning "air," with a graphic of mountains and air, this concept uses a bolder type and low contrast graphic to convey the lightness of the beer, while also maintaining a premium look.
solution 3: Aktiv
Combining the graphic elements of the Svelte design solution with the bolder type of the Luft design, this option uses a name defined by the company.

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